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The name hails from a combination of two words: Pilates and Cardio.

The training program comes with two purposes:
 - For the individual well being, nutrition and health.
 - For the group fitness classes

Here, Pilates has combined various elements of fitness coaching, some of them being back exercises, training for strength along with a few elements of aerobics, jazz and ballet.

Pilardio includes exercises which require to be done while standing as the tracks keep your body upbeat. The steps are kept simple and easy to remember. All that you need to keep in mind is your posture and body tensions coupled with peace of mind and movement in the foreground.
Pilardio is based on 10 important principles. These can be understand in mentally as well as in physical aspects.
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Pilardio over Yoga, Gym and Aerobics:

Pilardio is a combination of yoga, cardio and aerobics (also called Zumba). Pilardio ahs derived its origin from all the major elements of the above three.

Pilates, which is the practice of body control along with some meditation, cardio effects and strengthening the periphery muscles sums up to Pilardio which is effective training and a mixture of the above.

Followers will be able to think with a clearer perspective and will also keep in mind their individualistic body needs as they will try to handle the signals from their body in a more efficient manner. The ability to differ between what is needed and what isn’t, knowing the right time to say no and a maintained inner balance is what leads to ultimate happiness and mental as well has physical freedom.

Here is why Pilardio is efficient and good for ones mental and physical health:
  • It instils self confidence and dexterity.
  • Due to proper control over mind and activity, a feeling of happiness sinks in.
  • A person becomes conscious as well as accurate with one self as well as others.
  • As the training proceeds, enthusiasm begins to come along!
  • Now that the body is shaping up and of course fat is shed off, an individual gets a clear understanding of the nutritional needs of their body.

Meditate for peace, exercise for health and follow pilardio for an overall well being!
Pilardio Team:
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Director of Pilardio

Worldwide, Tnternational Pilardio® Presenter and Master instructor

Diploma sports- and health trainer (IST)
Personal trainer (Deutsche Trainerakademie)
NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner
Inventor and founder of Pilardio ©
Nutrition coach
Certified Pilates trainer (Polestar)

My focus is a team effort between the body and mind. Weight management is my specialty. I live movement, fitness, healthy eating and mental balance. Likewise, I`m interessted with all types of communication. I see my appeal as passing my expericance to others.

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Master Teacher and Presenter

Main tasks: Educate for Pilardio® level I and presenting Pilardio® in Greece.

Pilardio® Master Teacher and Presenter
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor and equipment (Physio Pilates Institute, Polestar and NYSY)
Certificate of dance and modern techniques (G.Kelly Studios/Greece)
Personal Trainer and Presenter
BA in French language and literature (University of Athens/Greece)
CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge University/UK)

Fitness instructor at gyms, sport centers and schools in Athens and Lefkas island Greece
Organising bootcamps in Greece
Assistant of Pilardio® team at Convention with Pure Emotion in Germany
Worked as PR manager (receptions, events)
Assistant coach in AEK -football juvenile team
Group leader in a travel agency (Marathon Travel/Greece)
Tour operator in the incoming department (Gaitanos SA/Greece)

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Presenter and Master Teacher

Main Responsibilities: Pilardio® Presenter and Master Teacher

Certified gymnastics teacher
Sports Federation, Pilates C license
Aqua fitness trainer
Aerobics License
Zumba Instructor
Yoga licensed Instructor (Saf & Beta)
licensed Back trainer (IST)
Cycle Instructor

Since 2001 I am working as a certified gymnastics teacher and personal trainer. For the gym chain "Just Fit", I had coordinated preventive group classes and worked as a group class manager.

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