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JaWa Diet E-Book

by International Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann

JaWa Diet is a style of diet management. It teaches an healthy way to eat individually and supports to understand what the own body really needs. You’re welcome to stay updated with the latest on the

It brings step by step back to the own somatic intelligence
(somatic intelligence: somatic= soma, is Greek and translates body, so physical intelligence).

The point is not to follow a diet forever dogmatically, but to follow your own instincts and understand the real needs of your body- forever. The program is convinced that everybody itself knows, like no one else (no doctor, blood test results, or nutritionists) in the world, what the own body and mind really needed.

JaWa Diet brings the follower back to the self: confidence, understanding and trust into the own body signals!
The way how to do so- to reach back to the full trust into the own body signs- the person needs to undergo a 3 month program.

JaWa Diet leads step by step through that program. It starts with self-observation, discipline themselves, detoxed the taste bulbs (strict phase I), a transfer phase and leads into the ability to know itself again what the body needs. Furthermore, the participant can clearly divide what the body and what the mind needs- since there are big differences.

After the 3 month program the follower is able to choose the meals, nutrients on its own again. That lasts a life time.