08 Oct 2016
Benefits in Eating Slow

Benefits in Eating Slow

We all are very aware that eating healthy, “good” food is very essential for the health and probably you take care of that as far as possible. But what I want you to know is how to eat your food so that it actually gives the required benefits to your body. This is one of the most ignored arenas as people are not really bothered about that.

You live in very a busy, hectic world with no time to spend on yourself and gobble whatever comes to your table. This gulping down is actually harmful for you even if you have healthy, clean food on the plate. Eating hastily causes poor digestion, weight gain and poor or no satisfaction. Eventually, it results in stress and poor health.

But you can take enough care to eat slowly and thus squeeze out the maximum. There are many benefits of eating slow:

  1. Enjoying your food: We eat that food which we like. Usually, we deny eating the things that we don’t like. Then why eating in hurry? Eat instead joyful every bite of it. Suppose, if you like to eat sweets or pizza, then why gobble them down your throat. If you really want to eat that stuff, eat slowly and taste all of it, do it with full attention, totally and enjoy completely. In this way, at times, you usually eat even smaller portions.
  2. Better digestion: The process of digestion starts in the mouth only. So it’s really good to chew your food well there. If you swallow well digested food, your stomach and intestines need to work less upon it and you will get undoubtedly a better digestion. And as you would probably know, a good digestion is the key to good health. In this way, you can ensure good health for yourself by changing your eating style.
  3. Weight management: A better digestion paves the way for good weight management. For reducing or managing weight, it is always better that you eat healthy food but eating slowly also helps you in your mission. Our brain takes around 20 minutes to register that we are full. If you keep on eating at a fast/faster pace, without giving any time to the brain to understand, you will end up consuming more calories than required. According to studies, one can lose up to 20 lbs. a year without changing the type of food he/she eats just by eating on a slow pace.
  4. Stress management: Eating slowly and only eating is a mindful exercise to your brain and can help you to relieve stress. When you eat fast and think about various other things like what to do next, you don’t concentrate on eating. Your mind is somewhere else, actually everywhere and nowhere. When you eat, you should only eat. This mindfulness, while eating will help in reducing stress and can lead to a healthier and happier life.
  5. More satisfaction: Eating is one of the very few essential things human beings do and need. Eating food leads into deep satisfaction and happiness.
I want you to eat your food slowly and experience it as intense as possible. It will result in a healthy lifestyle. Give it a try and share your feedback with me.

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