11 Jan 2017
Ego: the Killer of Happiness and Satisfaction

Ego: the Killer of Happiness and Satisfaction

Human nature has several facets, good and bad, positive and negative. The positive ones are the harbingers of happiness and the negative ones act as the destroyers of joy in the life. Ego is one of the negative features of the human kind, which can create unknowingly so much of adversities in life that would eventually lead to the complete elimination of happiness and satisfaction from one’s life.

Ego is actually a product of an illusion of superiority in one’s mind. An egoistic person feels that she/he is paramount and all others are far below her/him in terms of caliber and qualities. Such a person fails to understand the fact that each person is unique, there is not other person existing who is exactly like her/ him.  Thus the question of superiority can actually not arise. The renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann recommends that one should reduce the ego and rather appreciating and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. Such a person is free and able to accept that the world is full of different kinds of people and no one out of them is superior or inferior to others.

All people in this world can stop trying to control and dominate others as it finally leads to an imbalance and dissatisfaction among all. Every person has some ego and in the pursuit of dominating others, this self-pride clash and one ego actually fights the other.

According to Jasmin Waldmann, the mantra to live an interesting, balanced and delightful life is to keep oneself open to all the happenings in the world. If you don’t like them, don’t let them enter your life, if needed work on it. But if it feels right and good, imbibe them. In any case you should not suppress anything, as you will keep yourself away from learning out of it, working on it, transforming it and thus - appreciating it in life.Like you can ask yourselves in details about any kind of happening for you relevant questions - and make then your best decision. Ask yourselves that can you do anything about what has happened. If you find the answer as ‘yes’, do whatever you can. If the answer is ‘no’, have the heart to accept it. If you master this art of ‘managing’, ‘changing’, ‘utilizing’ or accepting’, it will be a huge milestone towards a jubilant and contented life. Moreover, try to figure out what is there for you to learn out of what has happened. This will help you to avoid unpleasant experiences again.

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