20 Oct 2016
Enjoy The Moment!

Enjoy The Moment!

It is said that past is past. On the contrary present is truth and present can give you happiness! Today our lives are become nothing less than a rat race. Either we are running behind the fortune we all want in our bank balance and make our future secured or we are carrying the huge baggage of our past lives on our shoulders and making life unbearable for ourselves. How many of us are actually seizing the moment at present and living life to its fullest?

Don’t waste the life we have got!
The universe has not only given us a beautiful life but it has also given us a beautiful world to live in. If we go and observe those marvelous creations of nature we will be definitely left mesmerized by the creations of the creator. But all we are busy in is concrete jungle created by human beings and suffering from the stress and anxiety received by it. How many of us actually sit beside a lake or a river or in a garden to listen the chirping of the birds? It may sound philosophical but it is a healing treatment better than what you can get in all those expensive spas and relaxation saloons.

Eliminate the unimportant things out of your life!
A modern person especially the youth does not even know with whom they should compete. They are competing with the siblings, friends, co-workers and every other person whom they feel that he or she can leave them behind. In an anxious attempt to win the rat race they want to do all the things at one time. They believe that this multitasking will benefit them but at the end of the day productive result is nil or nominal. When you try and keep your legs in various boats at one time, you will tend to fall in the water.

The time has come to synchronize your life and make it worth living. Sit in silence everyday for a little while and be aware of what you want from life. Make short term plans of a day and the week and execute them to receive instant joy of success.

Seize the moment my friend. You may make your retirement plans but who knows you will be living till your retirement or not.

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