04 Nov 2016
Find Your Personal Movement

Find Your Personal Movement

Our body is a living machine. Just like we need to take care of various machines that we use in our day-to-day lives, our body also needs constant care. You can look after your body by eating healthy, taking proper sleep and exercising. If we talk about exercise, not all kinds of exercises are suitable for all bodies. There is a certain form of exercise that your body likes and enjoys.

Usually, each body likes some specific movements. You may like a brisk walk but not running while some of your friends may be fond of dancing and not swimming. It varies from individual to individual and thus, everyone has a favorite movement which suits his/her personality. According to the renowned life coach Jasmin Waldmann, while choosing your personal movement, you should keep your senses active and listen to your body. Don’t ape anyone just because you feel that he/ she is enjoying a particular exercise but decide according to the needs of your body. Remember, you are the best judge to decide what you can do and what you can’t.
Your movements should not cater to the business purposes only but they should be able to generate new mental energy as well. For e.g. you can go for a night stroll after having dinner. It will work wonders to clear your mind.

To find the best personal movement for your body, you should not restrict yourselves to the common options only. Rather, you should try out different things ranging from swimming, walking, bicycle, sports to rafting, hiking, horse riding etc. While trying out all the options, once you hit the correct choice, your mind and body will get to know very precisely and you will automatically understand that you should go for it. Once you get a clear picture, you should use that favorite movement to clear your mind and boost your energy. Such a movement will definitely help you in reconnecting your mind with your body, says life coach Jasmin Waldmann.

Keep on trying the various options available to you till the time you find out the most suitable one for yourself. Once you understand what suits your body, make it your personal movement. If your body likes to have a particular movement, it will start responding positively and you will discover the new mental and physical energy within yourself. It will make you stress free and full of life and vigor.

Give it a try and unleash your energy. Share your views, experiences and comments with me and watch some of my videos.

Jasmin Waldmann is one of the best international life coaches. She comes as a savior and provides relief to the people from their stressful lives.