19 Jan 2017
Nothing is Easier than to be busy

Nothing is Easier than to be busy

We live in a fast moving world and always find ourselves busy in one or the other thing. Though it is always advisable to be busy to keep yourself fit and moving, it is equally important to calm your mind and body as well. Keeping you busy without any reason, it is neither good nor healthy. In today’s scenario most people are busy without any business. They are busy in useless and avoidable things which create tension and stress in their lives. They do things without any structure. Working on one thing, changing to something else, coming back then after some times to the earlier one. Nothing is finished but everything is touched- which doesn't help when we have the same task again and again in front of us. Working in that style is actually working them into a burn-out.

According to the well renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann, you can create a life full of positive success, time-saving, happiness, in proper mental and physical health, energy-saving and with ease if you bring out changes in small things. One could learn to limit, schedule and discipline in the working hours to make live lively and beautiful. It does not mean that you should work less, but it actually means to discipline your work and working style so that you can be more efficient and that leads to results. This will help you to be happier and contended as you will have more time for other things in your life as well. You won’t be sticking to work only but you will find time for your family, friends, hobbies or any other passion and thus will be able to focus on your work in a better way. In short, you will be more successful and happy.

According to Jasmin Waldmann, this is especially important for married people as by limiting, scheduling and disciplining your working hours, you will be able to spend quality time with your partner and your married lives would not suffer. You will be able to get time to talk with your partner, go out with her/him for movies, dinners, even small trips etc. and will have a healthy relationship. This is very important as having a good and healthy relationship with your family is the main foundation of a joyful life. Not only this, by getting disciplined, you will have enough time to spend with your entire family. Thus, you would be able to know them deeper and better.

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