21 Nov 2016
The Ugly Side of Smoking

The Ugly Side of Smoking

People start doing something as a result of curiosity but later it becomes a habit. Cigarette smoking is one such habit which is started as just an experience either with friends or just due to the inquisitiveness of an individual. The person wants to experience and starts smoking but gradually, it gets converted into a habit which is very difficult to leave.

Smoking has many hazardous effects on the body of the smoker. Besides causing harm to the whole body and especially to the lungs, it has other ill- effects as well which we are not aware of. According to Jasmin Waldmann, international life coach, smoking brings about a decline in your capability to concentrate on your work. If one smokes, he/ she cannot concentrate fully on whatever they do. When they try to work and concentrate on anything, their concentration keeps on interrupted due to the addiction of nicotine. They always feel an urge to smoke a cigarette and can’t focus on their work. The result is that the person becomes permanently dependent on nicotine.

There comes a stage in every smoker’s life when he wants to break away from this habit, but finds it very difficult to do so. Once a person puts all his senses with whole awareness into smoking and if after a certain period, he wants to leave the habit, it became very difficult. Almost everybody fail and smoke again. At this point, there is a need of intervention and help from someone who can pull out that person from this arena.

Jasmin Waldmann offers workshops and private sessions for those people. She says, there has to be a great and professional guidance for this. Jasmin knows that the smoker needs to be told what else to do, how to think, what to do when craving and how to quit overall.

She says that giving up smoking forever can be very easy. But she also guides her clients through that path in life.

A replacement with food and drinks is not acceptable as the addiction will be only directed and that leads into weight gain and start smoking again after some time. She calls it the undesirable effects. And that dies not has to be like that at all, the experienced Coach says.

Jasmin Waldmann is a renowned international life coach who, with her amazing techniques, helps the people to live a beautiful life and helps them to find health and peace of mind as well.

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