19 Oct 2016
Find Your Point Of Frustration

Find Your Point Of Frustration

You live in a beautiful world which is full of hopes and happiness. But still, you don’t stay cheerful and lively always. What is the reason for that? There are numerous factors which cause sorrow in your live. At times, you are not very much aware of the reason of your grief and you get irritated. You don’t realize what is really bothering and this creates stress and despair in your lives.

To avoid such a situation, find out what is actually troubling you. Keep a close eye on all the related factors and try to find out the reason again and again. Don’t delay, this is the correct time to register, speak it out, name it, understand it and finally change it. Just does it before this melancholy gets a hold of your life and makes you feel sick at heart.

For e.g., I had a client who was working in a company as a top manager. She used to have a very bad feeling for a specific person who also worked in the same company. She was not aware of the reason but then in a specific session with her, we got to know that this person reminded her of someone in her past when she was a small child. It was, actually her nanny.

She felt very resentful whenever she met her without knowing the actual reason behind it. During our coaching sessions, we discovered that the nanny was often inattentive towards my client when as a child, she needed her. She used to feel ignored by her all the time as the so called nanny was always busy in some other things. As a small child, she couldn’t do much about it except crying. Once she was old enough to talk, she told her parents that she didn’t like her and finally the nanny was fired. Later, my client forgot about all this once she got a new nanny who was very warm and attentive until the previous nanny came and started working in the same company. My client recalled and recognized her and thus, we were able to understand her old frustration and converted it into a favorable situation for her.

So, in order to remain happy and elated, you need to have a close look at all the factors and find out the exact point that frustrates you. You might need an appropriate support for doing this. For any support, feedback, questions you can contact my team and meat Jasmin Waldmann and get rid of the elements that make you feel grief-stricken on low spirited.

Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international life coach and helps the people to attain mental peace with her life coaching techniques. She helps to acquire an inner balance of the mind and transforms the lives of people for good.