31 Jan

Why Men Should Cry?

Life is not a straight road on which you can move smoothly without any difficulties. In fact, it is full of twists and turns few of which are favorable while the others are very much undesirable. But, as a human being, we can’t do much about it. All that we can do is to try to tackle the situation, whatever it may be, in the best possible manner.

27 Jan

Balance your Work and Private Life

The most important reason of distress in one’s life is to pay attention either to work or to the private life. People are not able to harmonize their work and private lives which causes lots of problems in both the areas. Learn to keep a fine balance in both these important aspects of your Life.

12 Jan

Parents as Facilitators

A happy family is the one in which both the parents and the children live independently yet together. Living together does not mean that the parents have the right to dominate their children. Rather, they should give children space and the right to choose the correct path for them. In fact as they possess much more experience than the children, they should act as the mentors and facilitators for them. They should support their children in finding their own way in life.

30 Dec

How to Manage the Stress of Exams?

The student life is considered as the golden time of the whole span of life. It is full of hopes, dreams, ambitions, youth and lots of promises of a bright future. But, yet there are factors that can convert it into a nightmare. One such factor is the stress of exams, which haunts almost each and every student up to a certain extent. The quantum of stress varies from individual to individual and largely depends on the person’s attitude.

29 Dec

Where can you talk freely?

There are times when you struggle to transform your life or change it for the better. There may also have been situations where you may have desperately wanted to stick to a diet but or would have wanted to keep your marriage intact but failed in all your attempts. No matter what your situation or what problems you’re going through, you obviously want someone to speak to or talk freely without holding back or thinking twice if you can share this.

30 Nov

Why people should continue listen to “Stories”

We are so engrossed in the chores and tensions of our daily lives that we hardly enjoy this wonderful gift “ The Life” given to us by God. We are so much engaged in our work and accumulating money and happiness that we actually forget to live. Slowly, our age advances and we get more and more away from the real pleasures of Life. We should never let ourselves become too old to enjoy our Life. We should always try to keep the child instinct alive in ourselves.

2 Nov

What World Did We Create?

Reading at the above title may have either positive or negative impact on the mind of a person. It totally depends on the mindset, perspective, and attitude and satisfaction level of the reader. A happy and peaceful soul may feel that he or she has created a beautiful world around them as they radiate the happiness, love and peace within them. On the contrary a pessimist and a selfish person will abhor everything around them and believe world is an ugly place not worth living.

6 Oct

Stress of the Youth

We all have certain dreams in our lives which are very important to us. We can do anything in the pursuit of these dreams. But, a harsh reality of life is that not all dreams come true. When our dreams fail, we feel very upset and defeated. But time is a big healer; we forget all that agony after sometime and get busy again in something else. Then come our children and once more, we start having the same dreams, this time through them.

29 Aug

Deep And Thus Calm Breath Is The Key To All Great Success

We all live in hectic times, rushing from our homes to offices and then back home again where a long list of chores await us. This leaves us with very little time to do things that we enjoy but that’s the way things are. You do not have to run the rat race, but to survive it. And maybe even better than the pure survival strategy.

22 Apr

How a Life Coach help you to utilize and manage your stress

Stress is an ugly truth of our lives. You experience stress in your careers, daily life, all kind of relationships and almost every time you are unhappy and dejected with yourself. Hence, stress is undoubtedly one of the most annoying feelings that can have an ill effect on our activities, career, health and everyday life.