27 Jan 2017
Balance your Work and Private Life

Balance your Work and Private Life

The most important reason of distress in one’s life is to pay attention either to work or to the private life. People are not able to harmonize their work and private lives which causes lots of problems in both the areas. Learn to keep a fine balance in both these important aspects of your life.

According to me, the so called work- life-balance is obsolete in the current scenario as the work is also “life”. You cannot detach work from life in practical situations as both are the two faces of the same coin. Both are interlocked with one another in such a way that they have become inseparable. So, the question that arises is, regardless how we name it, how shall we balance our private and business life. Private life is important as it keeps us close to our family and friends and thus we can create happiness and satisfaction. Business life is also indispensable as that is the source of specific feedback, earning and so forth, which is necessary to lead a comfortable life.

Maybe, we cannot diversify work and private life since everything is one, everything denotes the whole: LIFE. However, to plan in a better way, we need to develop an overview about what we can actually do to maintain a balance in both these aspects. For this, we need to create few different categories to differentiate what is important to us at a given moment and what can wait for some time. You need to look deeper into your working styles if you actually want to create and maintain a balance that will bring happiness in your life. You need to prioritize your actionable and work accordingly to avoid unnecessary cluttering of things.

I point out that you should find your own need, dislikes, likes, wishes, values and also fears and also support your loved ones too. This will, in turn, help you to identify your personal driving points in life overall- and they will count for business and private life. You will be able to structure and plan the things you want to do, including your work. Once you started with a structure, created the discipline inside you, you will experience a deep satisfaction inside you. Furthermore there will be no confusion or self-doubt anymore.

I am looking forward to your feedback, questions and say ciao for now,

Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She helps people of any age to find their path in life, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become better in business, more successful, happy and healthy as well as in private life. Jasmin Waldmann helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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