29 Aug 2016
Deep And Thus Calm Breath Is The Key To All Great Success

Deep And Thus Calm Breath Is The Key To All Great Success

We all live in hectic times, rushing from our homes to offices and then back home again where a long list of chores await us. This leaves us with very little time to do things that we enjoy but that’s the way things are. You do not have to run the rat race, but to survive it. And maybe even better than the pure survival strategy.

Nevertheless, stress-management and stress-release are very important in order for our work-life balance. Believe it or not - deep breathing can help you in finding inner calmness and act as a stress buster.

Here are some of the benefits of deep breathing that you’ll find handy in structuring your work and private life, to find inner balance and success in your endeavors.

  • Deep breathing helps to release tension. When you get tensed, angry or stressed, your breathing becomes very shallow. This means that the brain does not receive the needed amount of oxygen.Thus you can not think clear at that point of time. If you take a break, breath deeply (for few minutes) the needed amount of oxygen will be delivered to the brain again and you can think clear again, the tension releases.
  • Most people breathe at rest with only ~ 20 % of their lungs capacity. A good new routine is needed. That can be created through regular breathing meditation. By doing so, one starts breathing deeper during the normal daily routine. It creates a new habit.
  • Deep breathing helps the body to digest better and assimilation of food in the stomach and the intestines.
  • Deep breathing results in the expulsion of carbon-dioxide from the body and increases oxygen in the blood. It means that the overall quality of the blood becomes better. Also if you practice deep breathing on a regular basis, you will find that your lungs become more powerful and healthy which may help guard you against respiratory diseases.
  • It boost your immune system, means nothing knocks you down easily.
  • Deep breathing helps in weight control, boosts energy level and metabolism.
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Happy breathing, Jasmin Waldmann.