12 Jan 2017
Parents as Facilitators

Parents as Facilitators

A happy family is the one in which both the parents and the children live independently yet together. Living together does not mean that the parents have the right to dominate their children. Rather, they should give children space and the right to choose the correct path for them. In fact as they possess much more experience than the children, they should act as the mentors and facilitators for them. They should support their children in finding their own way in life.

Parents should need to accept that their children have an individual personality and should try to carve a better, contented and successful human being out of them. For doing this, they need to interact with their kids in a positive and open way. According to the well renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann, parents should talk to them in a meaningful way and ask them relevant and helpful questions and also listen carefully. For example what they want to do in their lives. Though the parents might have some different ideas for their kids, they can listen to them patiently and unbiased - being as neutral as possible. In that manner parents can truly understand and then accept what the children want.

Often the parents feel that their children are not competent enough to take mature decisions about their lives but this is not the case. That is a true fact, Jasmin Waldmann agrees. However, parents need to learn that the life of their child is not theirs; they need to make their own mistakes and experiences. Thus we, the society, needs them to learn to respect the child’s individuality. Instead of trying to fulfill their own dreams through the child, they ought to actually support their kids to find out their own way, a way which will bring satisfaction and joy in their lives. Jasmin Waldmann says that a child can do wonders if she/he gets a complete support and guidance from his parents. Parents’ support fills the child with confidence up to the brim which is reflected in each of her/his endeavors.

Jasmin Waldmann also advises parents to accept that their children are bound to make mistakes. It is very possible that the child takes a wrong decision and may face problems due to that. In such a situation, the role of the parents is to provide support if needed. Come whatever may, they should always be there for their child to hold her/him whenever it is required. This is the true essence of parenting.

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