06 Oct 2016
Stress of the Youth

Stress of the Youth

We all have certain dreams in our lives which are very important to us. We can do anything in the pursuit of these dreams. But, a harsh reality of life is that not all dreams come true. When our dreams fail, we feel very upset and defeated. But time is a big healer; we forget all that agony after sometime and get busy again in something else. Then come our children and once more, we start having the same dreams, this time through them.

Understandable for us. But what about our kids? As a parent, we should understand that they are an individual and may have some other aspirations also.

Parents often tend to burden their child with the attempts to fulfill their own failedor missed dreams. It is a main reason behind the stress and dissatisfaction in today’s youth. These young adults find them self between their ambitions and the constant parental pressure. Gradually, they become irritated, confused and defiant as they find themselves stuck between the two “worlds” they need to choose from. They don’t understand whether they should follow the path of their ambitions and dreams or move on the way shown by their parents. They feel bound as they don’t want to forget their desires but at the same time, feel helpless as they are not able to fulfill the dreams of their parents also.

The Way Out
Parents should accept their children as individuals and should help them in pursuing their dreams. It does not mean that they should not intervene in their children’s lives but they should learn to draw a line. They should act as facilitators and guide them towards the right path but should not impose their unfulfilled dreams on them. It creates anger, irritation, and weakness in the personality. Another outcome is the creation of negativity in the children due to which they become defiant. These traits have a long lasting effect on them and make their lives miserable.

One should understand the importance of freedom in the lives of their children. They are growing up and building up dreams for themselves. They should get a fair chance to do whatever they want to do, follow their own mission and acquire something for themselves according to their own wish. It will fill their lives with hope, optimism and happiness. It will make them shine with confidence. As they would have a feeling of contentment, their lives would be stress free and it will reflect in their behavior towards their family and friends and as a whole towards the society too. They will grow as strong and stable personalities with the “right” character. If we want a happy, strong, secure and lovely society, we need to support the youth as much as possible. We need to guide them to find their way. To all parents – leave your dreams to you (and fulfill them) and let your child dream on its own.
Happy breathing, Jasmin Waldmann