02 Nov 2016
What World Did We Create?

What World Did We Create?

Reading at the above title may have either positive or negative impact on the mind of a person. It totally depends on the mindset, perspective, and attitude and satisfaction level of the reader. A happy and peaceful soul may feel that he or she has created a beautiful world around them as they radiate the happiness, love and peace within them. On the contrary a pessimist and a selfish person will abhor everything around them and believe world is an ugly place not worth living.

Truth is different than a fiction!
No matter how much we dislike it but truth will always remain the same and it is different from fiction. We all want to live in a world where everyone is happy, loving and caring but what is our contribution in making the world such beautiful place. Are we not responsible for spreading selfishness, hatred, lust and greed in the society? How many of us readily help the person in need selflessly without expecting anything in return? No matter how bad we feel reading it but it is the truth of today and we all have less or more contribution in it.

You are important!
We all know that the first person we will think of benefiting is no one other than your yourself. When a friend asks for financial help, instead of listening and finding solution for the problem of the friend all we can think of is the time period in which the friend will return the amount. We have been so engrossed in our own lives that at times we even forget to take care or spend time with very important people of our lives. All we can think of is our own live, career, kids, making money,… the list is endless. Is this the world we want to live in? Or is this the kind of person we want to become? Greed for money and success is so high that we have forgotten the importance of high character and values which can actually give peace and satisfaction to a person.

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Jasmin Waldmann