30 Nov 2016
Why people should continue listen to “Stories”

Why people should continue listen to “Stories”

We are so engrossed in the chores and tensions of our daily lives that we hardly enjoy this wonderful gift “ The Life” given to us by God. We are so much engaged in our work and accumulating money and happiness that we actually forget to live. Slowly, our age advances and we get more and more away from the real pleasures of Life. We should never let ourselves become too old to enjoy our Life. We should always try to keep the child instinct alive in ourselves.

Listening to various stories is a good way to achieve that. When you listen to the stories, you unknowingly start discovering a new world full of all kinds of possibilities. Your mind starts a new journey which is full of phantasies and you actually start imagining the things that you never think about in your busy and hectic schedule. According to the well renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann, it imparts to your mind that creativity which used to be a part of you when you were a small child. It transports us into a new arena in which we learn many things which are otherwise beyond our direct experience.

While listening to a story, we become able to recognize and relate to our own challenges, struggles and dreams as we listen to the characters in the story go through them. We can also devise better options to handle the problems in our lives as we learn how someone else unriddled the same situation. Thus, it helps us to deal with them in a better way without losing our calm.

Listening to stories also gives us pleasure which helps us to escape from our own difficulties though for a short while. But still it helps us to refresh our mind. We feel rejuvenated and get ready to solve the next lot of everyday tasks.

When we listen to a story, our minds become receptive and an automatic learning process gets started through which we learn many things which we are not aware of. It makes us introspect and we unknowingly end up learning good things from it, says Jasmin Waldmann, the international Life Coach. Thus, try listening to different stories of your interest and you will surely learn to imagine, phantasy and many other important things. Give it a try and be sure, you won’t be disappointed. Share your experiences, concerns, questions with Jasmin on her social medias and read more articles here: