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The holistic service

1. What does it mean when you talk about holistic service ?

Holistic service means that we involve each subject of your life into the services we offer. We offer a balanced combination of Life Coaching, Diet, Meditation and Physical Training. These are the four-pillars of our program and are inert-connected. Jasmin personally handles every aspect. In addition we work very close – if we are allowed so- with your doctor if necessary.

2. How long will it take to bring a change in me ?

Jasmin Waldmann

1. Who is Jasmin Waldmann ?

2. What experiences does Jasmin have ?

3. In which countries has she provided her services ?

Life Coaching

1. What is Life Coaching ?

2. How does Life Coaching help ?

3. How long does it take to bring the change ?

4. What kind of change does it bring ?

5. What if I don’t like Life Coaching after the first session ?

6. Is Life Coaching Confidential ?

7. What are the benefits of Life Coaching ?

8. Can we speak prior to commencing Life Coaching ?

9. In what areas would a Life Coach be able to help me ?

10. How long do people generally work with a Life Coach ?

Diet Consultancy

1. Which program will you use ?

2. What is JaWa Diet ?

3. How long does it take to show the first result ?

4. How important is the way you eat ?

Physical exercises

1. How long does it take to see the first results ?

2. Can I do exercises if I am injured ?

3. Can I do exercises when I have a disease ?

4. How intense will the training be ?

5. Do I need to be already fit ?


1. What is meditation ?

2. What is the sign of progress in meditation ?

3. Do I need to have some before hand experience in meditation ?

4. What kind of meditation will you provide me ?

5. Do I really need meditation ?

6. What are the benefits of meditation ?

7. Is there any maximum limits about how much can we meditate ?

8. What is the distinction between life coaching and meditation ?


1. What is your cancellation policy ?

2. How much does coaching cost and how can I pay ?

3. What happens if I want to finish before we use all session ?