JaWa Diet E-Book

JaWa Diet E-Book
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A holistic program for one and all!


When life coaching is coupled with Dieting, physical fitness and at the same time the balance of body and mind is considered, a transformational process begins.


First step before any program is assessment and evaluation. Here, all the medical issues and physical limitations will be assessed along with diet backgrounds as well. After proper study, the strengths and weaknesses can be measures which can later be used to finally set the targets.


The first workout plan is then set and sessions of meditation, diets and life coaching follow in between! Workout includes Pilardio and the diet plan includes JaWa diet.


What you get here is personalized life coaching!


You can choose from the list of training types available for the routine programs depending on what suits the participant. The fitness programs include Pilardio, TRX, Jogging, Walking, Swimming, Weight lifting, Gymnastics, Dance activities and much more.


Fascinating enough, isn’t it? Go ahead with the program and see which one turns out to be fir for your!


The regular checkups and feedback sessions will help you set new targets for yourself and at the same time you can measure yourself!


After this program and the services, you will surely see a revolutionary change in your body and mind!


To cut it short, this is a simple way to set your targets and achieve them the easy way