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Life Coaching Session (1.5 hours, excluding 18% GST)

A Life Coaching session will be made either online or in person.

The time should not be less than 90 minutes, to grantee positive success.

Life Coaching provides the support and guidance according to the clients needs to improve their careers, relationships and private lives.

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JaWa Diet e-book by International Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann

JaWa Diet - eat what you need!

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1 hour Consultancy (Diet, Meditation or Fitness), excluding GST

1 hour of Consultancy Coaching. Either about Diet, Meditation or Fitness. The topic (out of them) can be mingled too.

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Single session of Pilardio®

Experience what Pilardio® is.

(If you once experienced a class, you can go for a 5 times Pilardio® class pass)

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Pilardio® get together

Pilardio® Level I (Beginner)
Get Together! - Music CD.

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