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Work life balance for men

Date: August 25, 2018

Time: 3- 6 pm

Location: The Roseate, Delhi

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Work life balance for men

Happy to introduce a special workshop for men to you!

Men face stress at work and at private life too! They suffer from heavy workloads, travel, performance pressure and leading other people.
Also health is suffering, you don’t find any time for yourself anymore, apart from spending time with your family and friends.
Many try to find their way out by multitasking. But this increases the problems and stress even more.
Maybe you are one of them.
I ask you, if you carry on with the same circumstances, say for another 3 years – how will it be with you in 3 years from now if
you carry on like this?
Better or worse?
Very much likely it will be worse!

Great solution? – Join the workshop on Aug 25th, 2018 and learn how get back on track, create a new balance in your work and private life.
For further queries write at events@jasminwaldmann.com
Attention: the seats are limited, first come first serve

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