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Mind body transformation with Jasmin Waldmann

Date: March 24, 2018

Time: 3 - 6.30 pm

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Success Stories

Prachi Jain Windlass, Director, Education at Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Dec 2016

Jasmin Waldmann is a very knowledgeable and professional coach. Our company recently had a wellness session with her, which we all found to be very practical and actionable. I want to recommend her services. All the best Jasmin!

Daniel Pless, Chief Manager Business Administration at Siemens Ltd., Nov 2016

Ganesh Babu, Director of IDE-global, June 2016

Nonica D. India, Writer, May 2016

Christopher Fordyce, UK, SVP Atlantic Joint Business at British Airways, October 2015

Svenja M., New Delhi, India, November 2014

Shruti Syngal, Brand and Marketing strategy at Lecoanet Hemant August 2014

Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet, Gurgaon, Haryana, India June 2014

Olga Chernokalova, Personal Trainer & GX Instructor November 2013

Paul Mueller, Theater manager of philharmonic Munich, Germany December 2012

Katherine Petrou, PT and group fitness instructor, Athens, Greece July 2012

Dr. Nicolas Bazan, USA June 2012

Ilona Schmiel, director and manager of Beethoven Festival Bonn, Germany, May 2012

Andrea Wendler, Spa Manager, Germany and Austria, March 2012

Katja Rausch, teacher, Germany, January 2012

Matthias Terbrack, Lawyer MBA and Consultant from Cologne, Germany January 2012

Claudia Mc Duff, October 2011

Ingo Losch, Entrepreneur, Germany, August 2011

Tanja H. , Secretary, August 2011

Jasmin Eichner, Author, Germany, August 2011

Peter A., mental Coach, Germany, August 2011

Marc Thomas, Manager, Germany, June 2011

Peggy Feeß, Entrepreneur, June 2011

Jessica Kristian, Junior project Manager at Reed Exhibition, Germany, June 2011

Jens Hasselbaecher, COO at AXA, Germany, April 2011

Anke B. 32 years, from Cologne, Germany March 2011

Katja S., Housewife, 27 years, September 2010

Stefan Luther, Entrepreneur, Hungary, September 2010

Jürgen W., Entrepreneur, 43 years, Switzerland, February 2010

Tümmers Indra, Germany, November 2009

Peggy, October 2009

Petra, Housewife, Germany, October 2009

Martina Wolz, Germany, September 2009

Pascal Goossens, Belgium, September 2009

Uschi Welle, 61 years, Teacher, Germany, February 2009