A friend is a beautiful witness to your life

Date: 2019-3-19

No matter how many mistakes you make, a true friend does not leave you. In times of distress she/ he is right next to you, doesn’t budge. If you lose faith in yourself, she/he is the person who reminds you of your worth. Sometimes...
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Let’s raise our voice against animal cruelty

Date: 2019-2-17

Putting an end to animal cruelty is the beginning of a sensitive society. From tying a string of fire crackers to the tail of dogs to see them jump and run to banning crackers, we as a society have come a long way. Today teachers in school make...
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Date: 2018-10-22

Whatever I wanted to have in life, it was like trekking a very difficult trek.  Even before I actually started, before I took my first step - I was motivated, excited and ready to go. Obviously not exactly knowing what will happen and how...
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Work life balance for Men

Date: 2018-8-30

What was previously an on-and-off scenario has now become a daily occurrence never-ending stress The bad news is that it is constantly increasing and shows no signs of abating. Men face stress and pressure at work; they suffer from very...
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Cultural Shifts

Date: 2018-7-19

Air travel reduced the time to reach from one end of the world to another. One moment you’re sitting in a pub in London with friends and a few hours later you are stepping into your house in New Delhi. This realignment is relentless. It...
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New Year Resolutions: Why you should add life coaching in your list

Date: 2018-6-21

New Year resolutions are a must before entering into a new year. Don’t let the year just happen on you. If you are yet to prepare your list, did you add life coaching into it? Here are all the reasons why you should. Before getting into the...
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Redefining Education, Re-modelling Society

Date: 2018-6-17

Picture this. Students are great at grammar but go cold when it comes to communication. They toil hard to crack trigonometry but when it comes to understanding business they are clueless. Where they can recount dates and events of History, they are...
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Being nowhere

Date: 2018-5-24

If you are not here, you are nowhere Abhishek fingers run furiously on the laptop. The presentation has to be ready in an hour. The thought he will be on a holiday passes by his mind like a fleeting cloud that doesn’t have time to...
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My participation at the Bollywood movie Pad Man

Date: 2018-4-24

April 2017- I landed back from a business trip in India. I found my driver at the airport. While driving home I acclimatized and enjoyed being back in India, which became my home country. I checked a few messages, one was from my...
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How an executive coach helps you to create your business plan

Date: 2018-4-12

Running a business is not as easy as it seems initially, especially when the idea of setting up your own company strikes you for the first time. Before setting up your business, you are advised to focus on a number of aspects such as, the actual...
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3 major advantages in business with the support of a Life Coach

Date: 2018-4-5

A couple of years ago, people did not know much about life or executive coaching and its capabilities in terms of transforming a person or business. Today, almost every business organization has realized the importance of hiring a life coach as well...
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Video Games addiction is here and real!

Date: 2018-3-30

Addictions that are socially acceptable are the most dangerous. Just like alcohol, video games are also seen as a lifestyle. You can actually be sitting in the middle of a party, dressed up in best of clothes, nodding to people who pass by and...
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How Meditation Can Help You Overcome Your Fury and Be More Calm and Peaceful?

Date: 2018-2-18

Anger leaves any person exhausted and rob them off their happiness and positivity. An angry person is always full of complains and grudges about life, their circumstances and people around them, which is precisely why they have a lot of negativity...
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Stress – How to make it work for you?

Date: 2018-2-15

Some people create unconsciously stress in their life and do not realize it for a long time. You could be stressed about numerous things in your life including job, kids, area you live in, financials, health, spouse, family, situations or just about...
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Being Tough

Date: 2018-1-29

The desire to succeed is within all of us, but have you developed the mindset for it. Are you tough enough and ready to weather the storms of life? You might ask me how, it is a simple word that belies the complexity behind: Toughness or more...
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Not Enough Time

Date: 2018-1-5

“I have no time.” How many times have you ever heard yourself saying this to yourself or to anyone else? If you think 24 hours is too less for you and find yourself left with absolutely no time to call your parents back home or for your...
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Transformation through Life Coaching

Date: 2017-12-10

The dictionary meaning of this impactful word called transformation is “a change in form, appearance or nature”. And ‘transformation’ can also bring a respectful and amazing change to your life. Be it changing few aspects of...
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The humble leader

Date: 2017-11-3

For every person, making each decision can be very difficult – for leaders more than for the others. Especially for leaders! All followers must always keep in mind that when they request their leader/s to solve their problems or the...
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Laugh away to Feel Good, Cope, Recover and Stay Healthy

Date: 2017-9-9

“With great power, comes great electricity bill.” This witty line’s been doing the rounds on WhatsApp for quite a while now. Now you may or may not have found this funny, but it sure did make a lot of people laugh. As author...
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The Heroine inside You

Date: 2017-7-12

“I think women should stop asking such questions from others as to what they should do and what they should not.“ — Smriti Irani Union Minister of Textiles, India, at a discussion on “Women in the New World...
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