Video Games addiction is here and real!

Date: 2018-3-30

Addictions that are socially acceptable are the most dangerous. Just like alcohol, video games are also seen as a lifestyle. You can actually be sitting in the middle of a party, dressed up in best of clothes, nodding to people who pass by and...
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Find Your Point Of Frustration

Date: 2016-10-19

You live in a beautiful world which is full of hopes and happiness. But still, you don’t stay cheerful and lively always. What is the reason for that? There are numerous factors which cause sorrow in your live. At times, you are not very much...
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Stress of the Youth

Date: 2016-6-10

We all have certain dreams in our lives which are very important to us. We can do anything in the pursuit of these dreams. But, a harsh reality of life is that not all dreams come true. When our dreams fail, we feel very upset and defeated. But time...
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Feeling stressed out- Jasmin Waldmann, Renowned Life Coach in India has a solution

Date: 2016-5-11

Success- pressure, appointments, calls, emotions, messages, anxiety, goals, targets, traffic jams, family, friends, social life and the list goes on and on… This is the present trend of human life. Everyone is always in a hurry. No time...
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