Enjoy The Moment!

Date: 2016-10-20

It is said that ‘past is the past’. On the contrary present is truth and present can give you happiness! Today ones life is often nothing less than a rat race. Either you are running behind the fortune you seek and make...
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Find Your Point Of Frustration

Date: 2016-10-19

You live in a beautiful world which is full of hopes and happiness. But still, you don’t stay cheerful and lively always. What is the reason for that? There are numerous factors which cause sorrow in your live. At times, you are not very much...
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Laugh away to Feel Good, Cope, Recover and Stay Healthy

Date: 2016-9-9

“With great power, comes great electricity bill.” This witty line’s been doing the rounds on WhatsApp for quite a while now. Now you may or may not have found this funny, but it sure did make a lot of people laugh. As author...
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Pillars of Jasmin Waldmann’s Life Coaching

Date: 2016-9-2

Life coaching is gaining on momentum and importance these days. Isn’t it quite obvious? Our lives have turned so hectic, so stressed that one needs a life coach – it becomes a natural need – as nobody ever told us how...
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Deep and thus calm breath is the key to all great success

Date: 2016-8-29

We all live in hectic times, rushing from home to office and then back home again where a long list of chores waiting for you. This leaves you with very little time to do things that you enjoy but that’s the way things are. You do not have to...
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Have A Break After Each Task

Date: 2016-8-22

A normal day at work typically sees you buried in your computer, barely looking up and ploughing through an endless number of things that need to be done. But consider this: small, regular breaks throughout the day increase productivity and...
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Reconnecting your mind & body

Date: 2016-8-20

When was the last time you came home from work and didn’t switch on the TV, radio, read the newspaper or use cell phone or computer? Do you ever just sit and think over a simple cup of tea or coffee? In today’s times, we are constantly...
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Benefits in Eating Slow

Date: 2016-8-10

We all are very aware that eating healthy, “clean” and “good” food is very essential for the health and probably you take care of that as far as possible. But what I want you to know is how to eat your food so that it...
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Identify What Your Own Body Needs & enjoy the advantages

Date: 2016-8-8

Following the 3 months program of JaWa diet has many advantages for you. It will enable you to have a clear understanding of your body, helps you to develop the body you had always desired and also you will get the freedom to choose what you want to...
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Life Coaching-The Key to Managing Stress in Your Life

Date: 2016-6-27

We experience stress in our professional and personal lives. Sometimes positive but most often negative stress. However, if you’re constantly stressed for over a couple of weeks or months, then it’s best to look closer to it and change...
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How Life Coaching can help you in solving problems at workplace!

Date: 2016-6-22

One of the biggest problems of any workplace, office or business is solving their day to day problems. In fact, businesses need to solve a multitude of problems and take the most appropriate decisions in order to grow and expand constantly. When it...
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Stress of the Youth

Date: 2016-6-10

We all have certain dreams in our lives which are very important to us. We can do anything in the pursuit of these dreams. But, a harsh reality of life is that not all dreams come true. When our dreams fail, we feel very upset and defeated. But time...
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Power of Being in Present Moment

Date: 2016-5-30

“Like everything in life, it is not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts.” … Steve Backley Life is sometimes a roller coaster ride which encompasses happiness and sorrow back to back. It has a bunch of...
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7 Key Steps to Boost Productivity and Energy

Date: 2016-5-26

As an individual, you are always different from others. You have your own energy, power and limitations. But that does not mean you cannot push your limitations! Our society and the people around are continuously feeding you with pre-defined...
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Feeling stressed out- Jasmin Waldmann, Renowned Life Coach in India has a solution

Date: 2016-5-11

Success- pressure, appointments, calls, emotions, messages, anxiety, goals, targets, traffic jams, family, friends, social life and the list goes on and on… This is the present trend of human life. Everyone is always in a hurry. No time...
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Tips for Choosing a Life Coach for Succeeding in Business

Date: 2016-5-7

The desire to succeed is what motivates executives, professionals and businesses around the globe. While, earning huge profits is obviously on every corporate executive, professionals and business men’s agenda, the urge to prove their point...
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How a Life Coach help you to utilize and manage your stress

Date: 2016-4-22

Stress is an ugly truth of our lives. You experience stress in your careers, daily life, all kind of relationships and almost every time you are unhappy and dejected with yourself. Hence, stress is undoubtedly one of the most annoying feelings that...
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5 Steps from a Life Coach for you, to create your career goals

Date: 2016-4-18

Are you one of those individuals who give a lot of importance to their careers? If yes, then you obviously understand your need of career goals. It is crucial to plan, in order to create a better and brighter future. As you know set up career goals...
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How executives weakens the team and 3 rules to turn it around

Date: 2016-4-14

Every single employee within an organization strives hard to achieve success. In fact the very desire to succeed and excel at work is something that always keeps them motivated and focused towards work. When executives perform, an organization...
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3 steps how coaching help you in matters of career

Date: 2016-4-11

Your career is one of your biggest strengths. It provides you with a unique identity and a reason to move ahead in life. However, people often find themselves heading nowhere in terms of careers and crave for someone who can guide and encourage them...
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