Find out your goals in life with Life Coaching

Date: 2016-4-7

It is easy to lose motivation in the face of adversity and challenging times. Life can be extremely harsh and drag you  down to their lowest levels, leaving you lost and dejected. During such times, you can get in touch with a life coach and...
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Calm and Composed Mind the Key to Happy and Stress Free Life

Date: 2016-4-6

A constant agitated and restless mind attracts both physical and mental hurdles and can lead to diseases and burn out. On the contrary when your mind is calm, well managed and composed, you begin to enjoy every single aspect and phase of your life...
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Find Your Personal Movement

Date: 2016-4-1

our body is a living machine. Just like you need to take care of various machines, or car that you use in your day-to-day life, your body also needs constant care and maintenance.   You can look after your body by eating healthy and clean,...
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5 things a Life Coach help you with to improve your business performance

Date: 2016-3-30

A life coach is your guide, mentor, guru and savior. So, if you haven’t a hired a life coach for your business and management yet then turn to one right now. A good number of business leaders, professionals, executives and organizations assume...
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How a Life Coach Helps you to become an inspiring Leader

Date: 2016-3-18

You might thought to yourself that you need the right kind of people or an amazing team to achieve your business goals and results. That is definitely true to some extent. However, have you ever reflected on the fact that you need to be a great and...
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If you think you don’t need a Life Coach… Think Again!

Date: 2016-2-29

All of us want to lead a happy and positive life. However only few people put efforts to become happy / happier. Others simply blaming circumstances and / or others that things get wrong in their lives and that is why they do not become successful...
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The Need of Excitement in Life

Date: 2016-2-12

You are always busy with daily routines in your lives. But, as you keep on doing the same work daily, your life becomes monotonous and repetitive. To counter this dullness, you want to acquire some excitement which makes it possible for you to...
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Transform Your Life: Turn to Jasmin Waldmann, International life coach

Date: 2016-2-8

Do you need a mentor, guide and partner who can help you transform your life and aid you in achieving the right work and life balance? As a renowned and reputed International life coach, Jasmin knows and can execute her job pretty well! If your...
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5 Simple steps to be your own Life coach

Date: 2016-2-4

In today’s hassled life, it becomes very crucial to have someone who can help you to make your life hassle free, happy and balanced. But there aren’t many people who are very clear about the concept of a life coach. Life coach is someone...
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6 Reasons why you need a life coach

Date: 2016-2-2

Pretty good number of people still aren’t aware of who a Life Coach is, right? Fair enough!  People are too engrossed in their lives that they hardly have time to talk about such things without realizing the importance of this. We will...
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What is Life Coaching & Why Life Coaching is gaining it’s momentum in India

Date: 2016-1-22

Life Coaching is all about achieving the aspired mindset as well as body with the help of regular practice and training. In the process, you train yourself physically, keep a proper diet plan and also meditate in order to be able to reach the set...
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Explore 7 Advantages of Life Coaching

Date: 2016-1-11

Not everyone is well aware about what life coaching is as it has gained its due importance over the couple of years. Life coaching will instill within you confidence as well as a gradual transformation of your mind and body happens. Here are 7...
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Stressed? Then learn How to do change your Lifestyle

Date: 2016-1-6

“The most important time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” The modern day-to-day lifestyle has become so stressful and busy that the word ‘Relax’ became a highly fancy and big word. Slowly and steadily,...
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What World Did We Create?

Date: 2016-1-2

Reading at the above title may have either positive or negative impact on the mind of a person. It totally depends on the mindset, perspective, and attitude and satisfaction level of the reader. A happy and peaceful soul may feel that she/ he has...
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Meet Jasmin Waldmann, innovative Life Coach!

Date: 2016-1-1

Jasmin Waldmann through her life coaching techniques help clients to transform their mind and body- to be happy and to attain the required goals. After Germany, USA and other countries, Jasmin Waldmann is now very committed to India and in...
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Am I more intelligent than an average person? – How to get a fit Brain?

Date: 2015-12-30

We all talk about physical exercise for a fitter body. But exercising the brain, the top-boss of oneself, is equally essential. For instance, learning a different language keeps the executive function of our brain in good shape. Additionally...
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Date: 2015-12-24

What to expect from your loved ones? The question is so old and nevertheless current. If you care for somebody you usually want to make this person comfortable, happy and you want the best for this person. So you take care- whatever is in...
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Date: 2015-01-01

When we are talking about guidance nutrition, there are a number of diets, which need to be strictly followed. May it be the Paelo diet, Hollywood diet, Atkins diet or Dukan diet? Once one stops following them, they are back to square one. I...
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Give Up Smoking

Date: 2017-30-30

Many times one comes across situations in which one feel helpless in front of the habit of smoking. Many times you may have tried to give up the habit but it may not have worked out in your favor. You may not believe me, but it is very easy to give...
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