1 Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward—get real with yourself.” —Bryant McGill

If you are honest with yourself, you will know that you want to move forward. You will also realize that even in our differences, we are all similar. We understand that we can share our similarities and celebrate our differences. This is why for different individuals from different walks of life but with similar self-improvement goals, we organize group transformation workshops throughout the year.

Grab this opportunity now to experience with others, who are different from you, but still have the same goals as you—the workshops.

Register now for workshops suited to your needs—self-leadership, communication skills, better parent-child bonding, stronger couple relationships, wellness, self-development, student motivation, confidence-building, and many more.

Find the solutions to the questions in your mind, questions that bother you about yourself and others. Connect with yourself and others around you. Use the opportunity to expand your network. Observe how different people react to the same situation. Grow through the experiences of others. Develop instincts you never knew you had.

Come and feel the positive energy of togetherness. Discover others to discover yourself. Be a part of the audience interaction with Jasmin Waldmann. Share your innermost thoughts and let Jasmin guide you through this inward path of self-discovery and inner peace. Let her take you on this self-transformation journey you so that you can lead yourself to become the best you. Join in transform into the best you.

Here’s what awaits you in some of our workshops:

Self-leadership: To gain a sense of who you are, what you can achieve, where you are headed in life, and how to transform your abilities and use all your communication skills, emotions and responses to reach your goals.

Communication skills: To become a good listener and to express your ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely and transform the way you communicate through words and through your body language.

Better parent–child bonding: To become a better parent and transform the bond you share with your child or children into a strong, trusting, secure, stable and loving relationship.

Confidence building: To understand yourself better, manage your mind, use your strengths, transform your weaknesses into strengths and build yourself to become a better you.

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