International Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann customizes programs that India hasn’t experienced yet. That can be corporate seminars, workshops for individuals, private sessions and speeches at various events. She speaks in an entertaining and understandable way and uses many examples of the daily life. The German involves the audience - in that way every body can relate easily to the subjects. The "most wanted" topics are often about leadership, self-development, wellness, managing stress and frustration and how to reach excellence and the desired targets.


Date: 2018-9-5, Time: 2-9:30 PM, Location: New Delhi


After many successful workshops, we now bring to you our special event “Coffee with Jasmin” 

Now you can experience her live, discuss your targets that you want to achieve and have a coffee with us. 

Since the demand is high (thanks for that!) we need you to book for you and your friends, colleagues and family the seats now! 

Charges INR 499 per head



Date: 2018-10-13, Time: 10:00 - 12:30 PM, Location: The Roseate Resort, New Delhi (NH-8)


Happy to introduce a special workshop for working moms to you! Women care about many people (spouse, life-partners, children and parents) – sadly all too often they forget about themselves! 

Also, they believe in many things, however, they believe the least in themselves.

It is very hard for you to realize that you alone are in charge of your lives. Nobody will come to you and say “oh dear, have some rest, you look exhausted”… 

Most women across the world, rich or poor, think they need to do it all!

Working Moms suffer heavy workloads in their personal to private life.

Also, your health is suffering, you don’t find any time for yourself anymore, apart from spending time with your family and friends.


Dear, you need to get in charge of yourself again. Let’s talk and find out when enough is enough. Also, learn how and when you need to say “No”. 

Join the FREE workshop in October and learn how to create balance in your work and private life. 

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Attention: the seats are limited, it is free but you need to sign up here

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Mental Health

Date: 2018-8-5, Time: 16:00-18:00, Location: Sidewok, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122009


You are so engrossed in the chores, actions, and tensions of your daily life that you hardly enjoy this wonderful gift “ Life”.

Also, you got used to your daily problems and that something constantly bothers you became part of your daily routine and feelings. And you take it wherever you are going and whatever you are doing. It is constantly inside you.
And it gets heavier and heavier.

Often it is also seen on your weight scale - your body-weight increases week by week.
But you suppress all that and try to ignore it, you distract yourself quickly if you sense there is some unpleasant thought coming up in your heart and mind.
This is not "life" as it could be. Plus, this does not have to be like that!
If you dare to name the unpleasant things, the sorrows, and problems - you are able to solve them.

Literally, you will feel lighter and happier.
Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann calls that process a "mental detox". 

So get her support and become lighter and happier again and join the workshop.
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5 Essentials For Success

Date: 2018-12-1, Time: 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM, Location: Red Cafe, Gurgaon


  1. Critical thinking 
  2. Emotion Intelligence (EQ versus IQ) 
  3. Creativity 
  4. Discipline 
  5. Communication

Join the session and dive into the world of self-development and success. 

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Giving and Receiving Advices

Date: 2019-2-2, Time: 12pm - 12:30pm, Location: Facebook


What is this all about an advice? Is it helpful, is it bad, what to do with them? I will discuss this with you live. Be here at noon (12 pm) on 2nd Feb and find out how to get the most out of any advice and how to give advices!