The holistic service

Holistic service means that we involve each subject of your life into the services we offer. We offer a balanced combination of Life Coaching, Diet, Meditation and Physical Training. These are the four-pillars of our program and are inert-connected. Jasmin personally handles every aspect. In addition we work very close – if we are allowed so- with your doctor if necessary.


In each session are experiences be it during Life Coaching, meditation, physical training or your eating pattern. Remarkable results are usually feel-able after 3-4 weeks. As far as change in terms of your mind set and beliefs is concerned, they vary from person to person, which can be at times quick (after one session) while it may take longer to sink in.


Jasmin Waldmann

Jasmin Waldmann is an internationally renowned Life Coach who has been transforming mind & body of people across the globe. Her expertise helps you to come closer and finally achieve your goals and also supports by overcoming problems and obstacles faced in daily lives. She is a native of Germany and has made India her home now. She frequently interacts with her international clients on one on one basis. She regularly conducts seminars and workshops for life coaching programs that are holistic and are based on four essential pillars: Life Coaching, Meditation, Physical Exercises and Diet form these pillars. A special diet program called JaWa Diet and physical training program called Pilardio® have been specifically created by her to be applied through this program.


Jasmin was a Sports and Health student in Germany and has completed 3 certifications in NLP. She has been globally serving people as a Life Coach and Fitness Expert for more than 10 years now. Apart from Life Coaching, she has vast experience in meditation, physical training and diet. She is a Precor (USA) Master Trainer and a Teacher and has been supporting her clients in entire Asia by conducting workshops and presentations since March 2014. She has conducted many conferences, seminars and has also given lectures.


Jasmin has travelled the world and has trained people in Germany, Austria, Greece, Australia and USA. She is currently residing in India and is conducting seminars, workshops and one to one session for the citizens here.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is an art, which supports and guides people to excel in any field. It enables clients to achieve personal excellence that allows them to be more efficient, happy, mentally and physically healthy, excel in communication and have an overall personal development. The process to achieve these results is elegant and smooth.
The entire process is divided into four steps.
  a) You start with the search for a Life Coach. This, we say, is the hardest step, as one first needs to analyze the need of a Life Coach by accepting his/her faults or may be realizing the fact that there is always a scope for improvement.
  b) With the support of the Life Coach, you will identify who you are, what are your problems, obstacles and real goals you want to achieve and why.
  c) We will take one step at a time. There are usually more than one area that needs attention and change. With time, you acquire new skills and get aware of your thoughts and images. You can also can analyze what you’re acquiring from outside and how you’re treating it.
  d) The last step is control. We keep a regular check (every 4 weeks) to ensure that you succeed in your goals.


It helps you get clarity about yourself –who you are, what values you have, what believes and much more – in every subject that you like. It helps you to create a balance between your mind, body and soul.


Time to bring change varies from person to person. But one can see/ feel changes in each session, which is for about 90 minutes. Continuous small changes lead to big changes in life and so, to get a completely transformed life, you need to be patient.


After completing the program, you become a happier, more successful, clear about yourself and a physically and mentally stronger person who is empowered to face any challenge in life and keeps a clear vision.


You can simply not continue with us. But we know you will love it and want to come back.


Whatever discussed with us will always stay with us. However, our discussions are not privileged for legal purposes that exist for clergy, therapist and attorneys. Ours is a confidential process and your personal information will not be shared with others and will always be protected.


Life coaching gives you access to someone who is always dedicated to you and achievement of your goals. A Life Coach is non-judgmental, supportive, encouraging and motivating. They keep you focused on your path and help you move in right direction. They help you to reach where you want to be at much faster pace than you can do it yourself.


It is a need that I meet every new client before starting up with sessions. Even when you buy Life Coaching sessions for family and friends, It needs to have a prior meeting to make sure we are comfortable with each other.


I, as a Life Coach work with almost every aspect of life; be it personal or professional, internal or external. Some areas are highlighted below:

  • Business success
  • Conflict resolution
  • Love issues
  • Build up mental super power
  • Weight management
  • Become physical top-fit
  • Communication skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Happy and Healthy
  • Getting rid of addictions
  • Stress management and productivity


To experience effectiveness of a Life Coaching program, I suggest that you make an initial commitment to yourself for at least 3 months. After the end of 3 months, we will evaluate the progress and then decide on further action to be taken. Some clients take my services for only 6 month, some visit me frequently since over 6 years. The average time of clients is 1 year.


Diet Consultancy

We focus on JaWa Diet which is specifically designed by us for this program.


JaWa Diet is a system which helps you to identify your personal needs regarding diet. It leads to the understanding of the body signals and makes everybody able to diversify what is a mental, what is a bodily need- since it works in coordination with your emotions and thus we are able to diversify your body and mind needs, simultaneously. It definitely takes time to adopt it. We provide one on one session, workshops and also an eBook to help you with it. It’s a 3 months program and once completed successfully, it brings life-lasting changes.


You will be able to see the first result in the first few weeks. You, yourself will feel the difference but to have lifelong changes, you must complete the entire 3 months program.


Your way to eat carves the way you feel about yourself. Whatever you feed your body with, it will reflect in your system. If you put the wrong fuel into your car it will not work, right? And if you put the best fuel in it – everything runs greatly. Same with your body. The only question is: what is your right fuel!
This is responsible to your energy level, sharp and smart thinking, a beautiful and clean skin, strong hair & nails and a adorable body shape. And JaWa is the key to it.
Once you finish the 3 month JaWa program, there are no restrictions on the way you eat, it rather gives you an insight on what kind of food your body and mind need in order to give your body what it actually needs, look fabulous, be energetic and develop the best way to think. You will develop “super-power” with the right food.


Physical exercises

Results differ from person to person depending upon personal body built-up and growth pattern. Usually, it takes about 4-6 weeks to demonstrate results. But after 2,3 weeks you start feeling much more energetic. The magic comes from frequency, not with time alone. People with some physical problems can take longer to show results.
What programs do you have ?
We offer programs like :

  • Functional fitness
  • Pilates
  • Pilardio
  • Weight lifting
  • Cardio
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Guidance in adventure sports and self defense program Krav Maga


You can exercise if :

  • your doctor permits
  • you do not feel any pain while exercising
  • you do not take any pain killers before exercising


Yes, you can exercise but only after your doctors allows you to do those exercises. In fact exercising helps you to get cured faster in many diseases. There would be some minor limitations, otherwise rest all will be taken care of.



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