Date: 2015-12-24


What to expect from your loved ones? The question is so old and nevertheless current.

If you care for somebody you usually want to make this person comfortable, happy and you want the best for this person. So you take care- whatever is in your power- to do things accordingly.

I come from a family who celebrated birthdays very intensely. The birthday person is the queen / king for that day. She/ he isn’t allowed to do anything. All things will be taken care off. Celebration at midnight, followed by smaller or bigger surprises. But the really important people are there. Except work- spending time together. Even if that means to get up at 5 am.

Amazing experience. And I Am thankful for each of all that many, many birthday celebrations which happened in that style also with my ‘real’ family – my close friends.

And it is not only that birthday topic.

Words can describe quiet a lot, but not all. There is care, love in the air. There are very small gestures which make peoples feeling so special. There are things which can not be described as such. And that is so special – this lovely small things amongst each other.


How does it feels inside you if you would have a loveless breakfast, a birthday song which comes not from the heart, a unloving gratulation- without even a proper wish, unkind hugs…

And I am talking not only about birthdays. Am talking about your daily life.

From people which are close to you…

A random handshake, a hug which feels like done by a robot, a written message without any humanity and kindness.

Have you ever felt that slight, but deep stitch in your heart? It creates negativity and destroys so much inside of you. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Until you are dull and are not getting that any more.

So I say, it is not necessary. We are much able to learn, furthermore to change, to serve, to give and to love!

So many people came to me and want Life Coaching, hopelessness and empty inside.

Why people have very less feeling for each other?
Apart from all my experiences with clients all over the world me myself observed so many couples, people how they treat each other, kids amongst themselves, treatment towards elder and old people. In the latter there is still respect- in words as well as gestures. Otherwise they treat each other careless rough.

And there is no real love it in. Love from the heart.

How is it possible to live in an environment like that happily? One thing is to act in that what you would like to receive. That is about your surroundings.

But to a whole country…? That is very different. So I ask you, how can each of us make a change?

It starts with each. Yes- YOU!

Please think with me, how can you bring love in your life and care for other people- not only for your family but for everybody surrounds you.

I say: Make a different! Become a friend of everybody.

If each of us treat others with love and care, no matter if its a kid or adult, no matter if female or male, no matter which skin color, beautiful or average looking, blond, brown or black hair- there is a soul, it is a human!

You will see – it will make a big difference!

Seeing the person, the beauty within brings you so much growth and happiness. And also to the other person- in the second step and this person will continue the chain.

Step by step people would feel and act differently.

A dream, a mission… And it is not that difficult as it sounds and seems like.

Try it; it did not cost you anything but courage.

Jasmin Waldmann

Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She helps people of any age to find their path in life, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become better in business, more successful, happy and healthy as well as in private life. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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