"The training session through the various planned activities succeeded in achieving the aim to create a casual and conducive atmosphere for team-building. A good combination of sports, fun sessions and discussions around work life balance, helped the team to exchange ideas and bond with each other. "

Rucheeka Chhugani – Assistant Director - Projects at NuernbergMesse India

"Jasmin Waldmann conducted a workshop for the entire NuernbergMesse India Team during our company Offsite in Goa this year. The activities designed were effective in terms of encouraging team building and improved interaction. The sessions were well planned and had a good mix of fun activities as well as thought-provoking sessions. Was great cooperating with Jasmin who understood the needs of a young, dynamic, developing team"

Sonia Prashar, Chairperson of the Board + Managing Director,NuernbergMesse India

"One of those eye opening reads, which gives an amazing message through Amit’s journey. Definitely a must read for every person who takes his/her life and body for granted. It’s not too late, start today!"

Geeta Thakkar,India

"I can add it up to my best self help books without a single doubt and I can compare it to "the monk who sold his ferrari " unfolding a healthy secrets of living . A must have on shelf if you are looking for actual shelf"


" Jasmin has done a good job of converting a serious topic of wellbeing self-help into a fiction work. Very few self-help writers understand that there is a need of flow in the book which connects difficult islands of heavy topics/theorems with help of bridge called story. So I would give a clap for her efforts. The language was easy and the flow was straight."

Vishnu Chevli, India

"Change Me is one of the rare books that manages to teach but not be preachy, I've been through my fair share of books that turned out to be sleep inducing sermons, so Change Me was a happy and refreshing change. It's a simple book, easy to read and easy to understand, while not being simplistic.."

Shubzi, India

"A book which takes you through Amit’s journey who is just like us running away from the truth,his journey guides you to understand the need of discovering yourself by accepting good and bad things in our life,learn to let go and discover your inner voice so that you can do that gives your mind, body, soul real peace and happiness."

Ujjwal Gupta, India

"The book starts with a very relatable prologue by author. This book is written in a very clever way. Instead of making it a self-help book, the author took us through Amit’s journey of improving his life. This was also very easy and quick to read. It doesn’t get dull at all. There is a lot of much-needed advice in it. You just have to reflect as you read. I really loved reading this book. I highly recommend this book to everyone "

Tavleen Kaur, India

"The book is new & refreshing. It’s precise & upto the point. It doesn’t drag unnecessarily. It’s a good self-help book which can be implemented in our daily consumption & daytoday lives. Language is simple, easy to read and easy to understand. An important book. A must read for all the readers!"

Sumith Chowdhury, India

"The book is amazingly written. The language of this book is simple and easy. The book is very good and thoughts are easy to follow. The book will open your mind and also helps to understand life from different perspective. I would recommend this book to all those who wish to read good self-help book."

Nehali Madhavi, India